"I have been seeing Dr. Beth Berns since 2002, and she continues to be my life line to practicing holistic health. She is super skilled as a chiropractor and acupuncturist, and she is grounded in all her intuitive insights. Literally, Dr. Beth has saved my life twice by knowing what was in misalignment both physically and emotionally for me. She is a gift beyond measure in my life!" - Mary

"I've been seeing Dr. Berns for about 10 years. I always feel I'm in very capable hands. She also has an intuition that I find very reassuring. She seems to sense what's happening and she's able to address issues before they become too chronic. Also, if you have carpal tunnel or tennis elbow stop seeing a physical therapist. She will fix it in two visits. She is truly amazing!!!" - T.H. 

"Dr. Berns has been nothing but amazing. I have been seeing her once a week for a month now and have noticed significant differences in my body and mind! Looking forward to continue my journey of healing." - C. Prchal

Dr. Berns is well educated and very gifted! I look forward to continuing to benefit from her healing touch. I especially appreciate that she is educating me on how to take better care of myself -- teaching me to fish, not just feeding me fish. At the same time, she values the work I have been doing to heal myself. She exudes a confident, peaceful presence." - Linda H.

"I was very impressed with her intuitive energy healing. So glad to have found her! Already seeing results within 2 days of treatment! Finally have hope after spending more than a YEAR with traditional doctors, to no avail." - Mary

"It truly is hard to find the words that will express how going to Beth has saved my life. Not only has she helped me with all of my trauma physically but she has an amazing spirit to connect emotionally. She is a true treasure! I would not hesitate to have anyone go see how she can transform your well being." - Sheri

"My grandmother, mother and I have been using Dr. Berns skills for years. She has helped all of us with preventative care, diagnosis and treatment for numerous injuries and ailments. Dr. Berns is the only person I see when I am feeling less than myself." - Bjorn

"Beth has been keeping me "balanced" for over 10 years. Her ability to "read" what is going on with my body, both physically and emotionally, is uncanny! The moment she touches areas of concern the healing begins. I highly recommend Dr. Berns.... She is a wellness teacher for mind, body and spirit!" - Denica

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